Private companion for the elderly

A private companion can help elderly people feel less lonely

According to research from Age UK carried out two years ago, the number of older people experiencing loneliness was expected to reach two million by 2025. We don’t yet know how this year’s Covid-19 crisis will have affected those figures, but the number of elderly people feeling lonely and isolated is likely to have risen – and with it, the need for friendship and everyday company.

We know that loneliness and isolation can have a detrimental effect on people’s physical and mental health. So for the thousands of elderly people who were forced to stay completely isolated for five long months during the Covid lockdown – many of whom have long term conditions such as dementia – the need for companionship will have become even more essential.

Private Companionship

That’s why, for older people who need friendship, a private companion for the elderly could be the answer. And that’s why, at Harley Street Care, we don’t just offer caring and nursing services, we also offer a companion service.

We understand that people are different and want different things from a friend, so we endeavour to match companions with people who have similar interests. But we also know that older people can sometimes need extra help, so our companions are also trained to help people in a variety of ways – this might include meal preparation, housekeeping or accompanying people to appointments.

Live-in Carers

For an older person or couple who needs companionship but also has care needs, a private live-in carer may be the answer. A live-in carer doesn’t just provide support for everyday tasks and personal care issues, allowing their client to remain at home into older age; they can improve elderly people’s overall health and wellbeing, simply by being available for a friendly chat, day-to-day.

And the company that a private companion or carer provides helps families, too. The knowledge that an elderly individual or couple is receiving professional companionship at home can provide a sense of security for their loved ones, who no longer have to worry about choosing between their own everyday responsibilities and keeping family members company.

Experienced and Qualified

Here at Harley Street Care, our experienced and qualified companions and care providers are here to take the stress out of caring for the elderly. We offer a range of discreet private services, from companionship to a full care package: allowing people who need care to stay in their homes whilst receiving the highest quality professional support. Like all our carers and nurses, companions are fully DBS checked and carefully vetted before coming to work with us.

We have seen how individuals and couples benefit from the company that a private companion or live-in carer can provide, and how their families can benefit from knowing that their loved ones are being looked after at home. We hope that our services could be the answer to loneliness and isolation for your loved one, too.

You can read more about our companion care services here. To speak to our team about a private companion or live-in carer, call 0207 989 0990 or email us at or contact us online here