A safe ‘care home away from home’

For many people with family members in care homes, this is an extremely worrying time. Research over the last few months has shown that care homes can be dangerous places, and despite the extraordinary dedication and bravery of care home workers during the current Covid-19 pandemic, the figures are frightening.

That’s why we have launched a new service for people currently living in care homes.

Our Covid-19 solution enables families to remove their loved ones from a care home, and place them in a secure, safe home of their own: a luxury two-bedroom apartment with a live-in carer. Not only will your loved one be away from the higher-risk environment, either temporarily or long term – they will also receive top-quality care, 24 hours a day.

In partnership with Be London Apartments, Harley Street Care has carefully selected a number of two-bedroom properties in Central London that are secure, quiet, comfortable, and accessible for those with mobility requirements. All apartments are spacious, with two bedrooms, a living room and two bathrooms to give both client and carer the space they need. Many offer step-free and lift access straight into the property, and all are furnished comfortably to give the feel of a ‘home away from home’.

Your relative’s carer, who will live in the apartment with the client full time, will be managed by Harley Street Care. This means that, like all of our carers, they are fully trained and well supported, offering only the highest quality domiciliary care. They will be able to ensure that they and the client adhere to strict stringent infection control and hygiene protocols at all times, and can even facilitate family visits, offering the necessary supervision and assistance to make it safe for everyone.

Your loved one will receive a delivery of decontaminated groceries and essential PPE supplies during every week of their stay, and we can also arrange for you to be able to monitor your relative’s welfare and activity using innovative technology from homecare management specialist Birdie.

Given the dangers that the current pandemic poses to older people living in care homes, wouldn’t you rather know that your loved one is being cared for in a more isolated environment?

Packages start at £3,900 a week, with a minimum two-week stay. To find out more and to arrange a free assessment (which can be carried out by phone or video if you’re isolating or shielding), contact us today.