The crisis in elderly care

Since July 5th, 1948, the United Kingdom has been blessed with the National Health Service. As thousands returned from war and a country was trying to rebuild from devastating destruction, the NHS provided health care to those who needed it regardless of their financial status. Now almost seventy years later, the system is struggling, and solutions to the many problems seem ever elusive. The system will hopefully remain for another seventy years and beyond, but at the moment certain sectors and groups are severely affected, one of those groups being the elderly.

Only yesterday the Telegraph described the situation as being on the brink of:

Quote on the lack of elderly care

Age UK described the figures as “frightening”, with patients increasingly being denied help bathing, dressing or even getting out of bed.

Quote on lack of elderly care

This is a very real problem, and a solution must be found quickly. Since 2010 the statistics of elderly patients not receiving the care they need have risen by almost 48% and 18% since last year. But how does one accomplish this when resources are limited, and the number of patients is increasing? We say, at home care. Obviously, this is a dilemma close to Harley Street Care’s heart, as this is what we do, provide quality at home health care to those individuals of society whom we cherish most, the elderly.

These recent studies that direct our attention to the need to improve quality and access to health care for the elderly have also found that the number of care homes is dropping, due to their inability to break even because of low fees paid by local authorities. We are lucky at Harley Street Care to have found a system that works, one that keeps us active so that we can be strong for you.

“I take great pride in working for Harley Street Care, as I know each and every individual involved in the process is dedicated to the betterment of health care for the elderly and all ages,” said Stefan Spaulding, head of business development at HSC.

“No one should be left alone, or without assistance; no one should be denied the right to live a long, healthy and fulfilling life. We here at Harley Street Care are very conscious of the realities surrounding care for the elderly and the struggles the NHS faces. We have already made great strides for our current clientele, but it is no surprise to us that not everyone can take advantage of the opportunities we present to the health care community,” reflects Spaulding.

“Our team has worked long hours over the past few months and is continuing to do so, considering greatly how we might be able to contribute to and pave the way for a solution to the problem, and we think we have found an answer”.

“We are now in the process of developing a new way to support and fund care for those who need it most, for free I reiterate; following in the footsteps of those individuals who so selflessly helped to create our National Health Service those seventy years ago. We hope to shape a new future for every person in need.”

I encourage you to watch this space, stay in touch, contact us and ask questions. We are here to help.

I am excited about our future endeavours; I hope you can join us in making this dream and the dreams of many around the United Kingdom a reality.