Simple Gifts – A Great Success!

Earlier this month we held a fundraising event for the brilliant Alzheimer’s Society and we’re honoured to announce that the total we raised was £2,596.70. This modest sum will go towards not only research into finding a cure but also into the improvement of the standards of care that Alzheimer’s sufferers obtain.

Holy Trinity Church in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea also received a £1000 donation on behalf of Harley Street Care for maintaining its fantastic operation.

Simple Gifts fundraising event for Alzheimers

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to organize an event of this nature, not only to benefit the community in which it was held but also to raise positive awareness for Alzheimer’s and Dementia, a debilitating disease that deserves more funding.

Here are a few words from our conductor:

“The experience I had at Harley Street Care’s Simple Gifts in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea was truly unforgettable. As a conductor, one hopes to always have a moving experience making music, a meaningful experience, but to perform and support the Alzheimer’s Society and work alongside Harley Street Care was a unique and profound experience, one that truly touched each and every single one of us with an incredible display of community, support and citizenship. 

From my perspective on the podium, as I watched the musicians sit and listen to the inspirational guest speakers, as they lifted their instruments and locked their eyes with mine to begin the next masterwork, I could see their empathy, compassion and artistry shining through like never before. 

In light of the horrific and terrible recent events in Manchester, we are reminded what is important in society. I am proud to say that Vox Vanguard stood beside Harley Street Care and the Alzheimer’s Society to change the landscape of Dementia and feel and experience art together; sharing in that which makes us human and that which binds us globally –  compassion for our fellow man. Thank you to all who made this unforgettable event possible.”

Simple Gifts was a great success and the whole team here at Harley Street Care can’t wait until our next event, which is no doubt set to be bigger and better! Watch this space.